Schedule of Noncredit Classes

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Beginning Class Piano  

Study music fundamentals such as note reading, rhythm, and theory; piano techniques and interpretation; methods for analyzing music and developing good practice habits; sight reading; and ensemble playing on electric pianos. Text required.
Course: 35635     Registration: $109    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   6/30/2015 - 7/28/2015    Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM  5 sessions
Location: Joppa Hall    Instructor: C. Chung

Class Piano - Level II  

Class Piano II begins with a review of Class Piano I and covers major and minor scales; intervals up to an octave; accompaniment styles; ABA form; syncopation; secondary chords; pedaling; other scale forms; harmonizing with i, iv, and V7 in minor; jazz styles; 2-hand accompaniments; and major and minor 7th chords. Emphasis is on basic functional skills, such as reading, harmonizing, playing by ear and improvising, along with basic technique, elementary repertoire, and music theory (written). Class includes lecture, group, and individual performance, with some individualized instruction. Outside practice is required. Text: Contemporary Class Piano, 7th ed. by Elyse Mach.
Course: 35636     Registration: $109    
Meeting Day(s): Wed.   7/1/2015 - 7/29/2015    Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM  5 sessions
Location: Joppa Hall    Instructor: C. Chung

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