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Amazing Appetizers  

Learn great new ideas for a girls-night-in or a family pot luck. Prepare bacon wrapped shrimp with apricot-chutney dipping sauce; fried spinach ravioli with marinara sauce; lamb chops with mint basil sauce; crab, asparagus, and asiago dip; zucchini ricotta bites; and more! Your appetizers will be in demand at every party!
Course: 25226     Tuition: $48    Course Fee: $39    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   4/1/2014 - 4/8/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  2 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Asian Cooking  

Want some delicious, healthy alternatives? Try stir frying! Try different sauces, vegetables, and preparation techniques for your eating pleasure. This is predominately a demonstration class, however, each session you will try your hand at stir frying and sample the foods we prepare. The last session culminates in a feast, as each participant creates their favorite dish for all to share.
Course: 26348     Tuition: $59    Course Fee: $39    
Meeting Day(s): Mon.   6/2/2014 - 6/16/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM  3 sessions
Location: Joppa Hall, Rm. 015    Instructor: Staff

Fancy Foods  

Fancy foods are not hard to make. Come to this class and learn the two things it takes to be a gourmet chef - organization and knife skills. With some good recipes and someone to teach you using a hands-on approach, its a "no fail!" We will cook things like tuna tar on crispy wontons; bacon cups with Gorgonzola potato filling; sea bass with fennel, swiss chard, and cannellini beans; stuffed flank steak; and more.
Course: 25210     Tuition: $72    Course Fee: $49    
Meeting Day(s): Mon.   5/5/2014 - 5/19/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

French Cooking  

In culinary school, the main subject for Chef Pippitt was French Cooking. Now she is dusting off her text books and getting back to her culinary school roots! Under her guidance, learn to make sucree dough and fill it with pastry cream to make a elegant fruit tart; gougere, a savory version of Pate; a Choux, Pate Brisee, with goat cheese and vegetables; snapper en papilloute ( snapper baked in puff pastry); and shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate ganache. Along with these recipes, learn about the Mother sauces, and make an old classic, Bechamel. Chef Pippitt says "J' espere vous voir bientot" (I hope to see you soon). Bring plastic containers.
Course: 25981     Tuition: $72    Course Fee: $59    
Meeting Day(s): Wed.   3/5/2014 - 3/19/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Garden Party  

Warmer weather brings entertaining to the deck or patio. This class concentrates on foods appropriate for an elegant picnic outdoors. Come ready to cook and sample Mexican avocado soup, a corn and black bean tart, spinach and cheese roulade, watermelon and red onion salad, phyllo-cine ice cream sandwiches, and more. You will be surprised how easy these summertime showstoppers are to prepare. Last session meets at the instructor's home in Bel Air.
Course: 25348     Tuition: $39    Course Fee: $32    
Meeting Day(s): Tues., Wed.   5/20/2014 - 5/21/2014    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  2 sessions
Location: Fallston Middle School    Instructor: T. Meyer

Gluten-Free Cooking  

With some practice, gluten-free cooking really isn't that big of a deal! Learn several gluten-free tricks, such as the many substitutes that can be used without losing flavor and texture. Chef Pippitt will even introduce you to the best gluten- free pasta that she promises tastes like the real thing. Recipes on the menu include chicken caesar salad with REAL homemade croutons, Italian wedding soup made with tasty gluten-free meatballs, gluten-free pie crust, gluten-free Gnocchi, chicken bruschetta pasta, chocolate cupcakes, and more.
Course: 25222     Tuition: $72    Course Fee: $59    
Meeting Day(s): Mon.   3/3/2014 - 3/17/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Just Sides  

Are you tired of the same old side dishes? Come to this class and learn to prepare things like butternut squash ravioli in a sage-butter sauce, avocado cabbage cole slaw with cilantro-lime vinaigrette, brussel sprouts with garlic and cannellini beans, egg plant rllatini, Gruyere scalloped potatoes, and plenty more!
Course: 25224     Tuition: $72    Course Fee: $49    
Meeting Day(s): Wed.   3/26/2014 - 4/9/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Knife Skills  

Proper knife skills (and proper knives!) can make your cooking experience more enjoyable and cut your kitchen preparation time in half. Learn to mince, chop, julienne, de-bone, and more.
Course: 25201     Tuition: $29    Course Fee: $10    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   5/20/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  1 session
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Middle Eastern Kitchen  

The Middle Eastern kitchen is full of savory dishes that are economical, healthy, and easy to make. Experiment with recipes such as hummus, tabouli, falafel, foul mudammas, baba ganoush, along with different rice dishes, kabobs, and other Middle Eastern favorites.
Course: 35638     Tuition: $89    Course Fee: $49    
Meeting Day(s): Mon.   7/28/2014 - 8/25/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  4 sessions
Location: Joppa Hall, Rm. 015    Instructor: Staff

Quick Weeknight Meals  

Rachel Ray makes 30-minute meals; how close can we come to that time limit? With the strategies and techniques we will learn in this class, we will come close. Anyone can throw an expensive piece of fish or meat in a skillet for a quick meal, but in this class, we will learn techniques to make a quick braise (think chicken paprikash and French pork stew), to make breakfast into a dinner (frittatas and Spanish tortillas), and to make creative use of leftovers. Forget the hamburger-helper-style quick fixes. Learn to cook quick and delicious meals from scratch.
Course: 25344     Tuition: $59    Course Fee: $39    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   4/29/2014 - 5/13/2014    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Fallston Middle School    Instructor: T. Meyer

Symphony of Seafood  

Learn to steam, poach, bake, grill and saute nine varieties of fish including salmon, tuna, orange roughy, and more. Serve with everything from salsas and vinaigrettes to peppercorn cream sauces and peanut sauces. You will also make a "best ever" crab cake and a make ahead shrimp dish. Healthy never tasted so good!
Course: 25346     Tuition: $79    Course Fee: $69    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   3/4/2014 - 3/25/2014    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  4 sessions
Location: Fallston Middle School    Instructor: T. Meyer

Take-Out Night  

Three of the most popular take out favorites are Italian, Chinese, and Mexican. With this class, learn how to make a tasty take-out meal in your own kitchen. Recipes include favorites like beef and broccoli, sweet-and-sour chicken, pork fried rice, lasagna, chicken parmesan, flautas, tacos and many more! Bring aprons and plastic containers.
Course: 25206     Tuition: $72    Course Fee: $49    
Meeting Day(s): Wed.   5/7/2014 - 5/21/2014    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Patterson Mill High School    Instructor: A. Pippitt

Tom's Tea for Two (or More!)  

Why go out for an expensive tea when it can be prepared so well at home?Menu items include lobster bisque, 3 easy and tasty finger sandwiches, a moist and flaky scone, several miniature sweets including an easy almond cake with raspberries and a pretty chocolate orange bar. Plus brew a "proper" cup of hot tea and make a tasty peach-basil iced tea.
Course: 25345     Tuition: $59    Course Fee: $39    
Meeting Day(s): Tues.   4/8/2014 - 4/22/2014    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  3 sessions
Location: Fallston Middle School    Instructor: T. Meyer

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