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3ds max 
If you're looking to create professional 3D graphics that appear just like the ones in the video games you play at home, then this is the program for you! This program is broken... more...
 Course Fee: $1,795  
25502 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Administrative Dental Assistant 
Start a new career as an administrative dental assistant! You'll be part of a professional dental staff and work on behalf of the patient as well as the dentist, helping to ensure... more...
 Course Fee: $1,795  
25564 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing & Coding 
By combining coursework in medical office management with medical billing and coding, you will receive valuable training that prepares you to be an asset in a variety of... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25565 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing & Coding and Medical Terminiology 
Learn the skills you need to become a multi-skilled Administrative Medical Specialist (AMS). This nationally recognized program combines the Administrative Medical Specialist... more...
 Course Fee: $2,495  
25566 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Advanced Coding for the Physicians Office 
This nationally recognized Advanced Medical Coding for the Physicians Office online course and training program prepares students to learn CPT, ICD-9-CM (Volumes I and II), and... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25567 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Advanced Hospital Coding & CCS Preparation 
This nationally recognized Advanced Hospital Medical Coding online course and CCS test prep training program prepares medical coding students to take the American Health... more...
 Course Fee: $1,895  
25568 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Certified Bookkeeper 
This online program was created by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) to prepare experienced bookkeepers for the certification exam at any Prometric Test... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25110 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Certified Global Business Professional 
The North American Small Business International Trade Educators Association (NASBITE) Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential provides a benchmark for competency... more...
 Course Fee: $2,495  
25107 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager 
Not only does our program teach you practical skills to improve your building's indoor air, it also prepares you for third-party certification by the American Council for... more...
 Course Fee: $795  
25108 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Certified Indoor Environmentalist 
Most everyone is concerned about the air quality in their workplace, home or school. The CIE program will help you determine if these clients do, in fact, have a problem. You'll... more...
 Course Fee: $895  
25109 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Certified Mediator 
This online Certified Mediator program will give you just the start you're looking for in mediation. Offered in partnership with Mediators without Borders®, this online program... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25111 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative 
This nationally recognized Pharmaceutical Sales Representative online training course (CNPR) and program was developed in response to a rising need for entry-level certified... more...
 Course Fee: $1,795  
25574 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Certified Wedding Planner 
Prepare for a career in wedding and special event planning by mastering the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating, and delivering stunning weddings and parties. This program... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25268 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Cisco-CCNA Certification Trng 
The CCNA certification indicates a professional level of knowledge and a foundation in basic networking. This program incorporates the objectives for the Cisco CCNA exam version... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25503 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician 
Designed for technologists or medical practitioners seeking to gain entry into the field of healthcare information systems, this course teaches the fundamentals of healthcare IT... more...
 Course Fee: $2,195  
25519 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business Owner Management 
The Entrepreneurship: Start-up and Business Owner Management Online Training Program provides an excellent foundation for not just the start-up business owner, but also for... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25112 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Event Management and Design 
Learn to create spectacular special events with the Event Management and Design Online Training Program! This program is split up into two modules: Special Event Management and... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25113 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Freight Broker/Agent Training 
Become a part of the exciting trucking, freight logistics, and transportation industries as a licensed freight broker or as a freight broker agent. From licensing to operations,... more...
 Course Fee: $1,695  
25114 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 
The computer support industry is one of the fastest growing fields, and there is every indication that this growth will continue. This program uniquely prepares you to work as a... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25504 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

ICD-10 Medical Coding 
ICD-10 is an upgraded diagnostic and procedural medical coding system that, by law, must be implemented throughout the healthcare industry by October 1, 2014. This new coding... more...
 Course Fee: $1,795  
25569 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Instant Incomes 
This class introduces several methods to earn money from home without needing to be a marketing or sales expert to succeed. Online and offline business opportunities will be... more...
 Course Fee: $139  
25966 2/9-4/4 Online CourseStaff

Iphone/Ipad (iOS) Application Developer 
Begin a career that allows your creative side to flourish in the fast-paced, evolving technical industry of iPhone/iPad application development. Gain application development... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25505 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Lean Mastery 
Lean enterprise is a process designed to bring about rapid improvements to an organization's performance through an overhaul of the value stream. It is composed of a comprehensive... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25115 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Medical Billing & Coding 
Gain the skills you need to begin work as a medical billing and coding specialist. This course provides you with experience working with the main coding manuals in the profession,... more...
 Course Fee: $1,795  
25570 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Medical Billing & Coding with Medical Terminology 
Obtain the skills you need for an entry-level position in a medical office as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. The medical industry is experiencing a demand for... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25571 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Medical Transcription & Medical Terminology 
This nationally recognized medical transcription online course and training program prepares you to start a new career as a medical transcriptionist. A medical terminology course... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25572 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Server 2008 
The MCSA: Windows Server 2008 series will prepare you for the Microsoft 70-640, 70-642, and 70-646 certification exams. Upon passing the three exams, you can earn the MCSA:... more...
 Course Fee: $2,295  
25506 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL Server 2008 
This online training program will prepare you to use SQL Server 2008 product features and tools related to maintaining and implementation as well as to use SQL Server 2008... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25516 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Microsoft Web Developer 
Gain the web development skills that will give you a competitive edge. In this program, you’ll learn how to develop web pages using .NET Framework 4.0. When you’ve completed the... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25509 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Mobile and Desktop Web Developer 
The Mobile and Desktop Web Developer program teaches you to build dynamic, database-driven websites for desktop and mobile devices using the most current technologies. You will... more...
 Course Fee: $3,095  
25510 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Non-Profit Management 
The Nonprofit Management Online Training Program is particularly well suited for you if you've recently assumed management responsibilities in the nonprofit field, but it's... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25116 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Optician Certification Training 
Master the skills you need for a successful career as an optician and prepare yourself to take the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) certification exam, which is a stepping-stone... more...
 Course Fee: $1,895  
25573 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Payroll Practice and Management 
The Payroll Practice and Management Online Training Program will teach you all facets of payroll, from the basics to the complexity of fringe benefits, taxation, and garnishments.... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25117 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 
The Purchasing and Supply Chain Management program will show you the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution, from raw materials to finished products.... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25118 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Real Estate Investing 
Learn how to use real estate investing to build personal wealth, techniques for locating bargain properties and motivated sellers, acquiring property with creative financing,... more...
 Course Fee: $139  
25965 2/9-4/4 Online CourseW. Flood

Records Management Certificate 
The Records Management Online Training Program will give you a basic overview of records management terminology, concepts, and procedures to successfully manage records in today's... more...
 Course Fee: $1,395  
25119 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Residential Interior Design 
Are you looking for a career where you can put your creativity and planning skills to good use? If so, this program will give you the basic skills and background you need to start... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25120 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Search Engine Marketing 
A combination of our Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising programs, this program was developed in direct response to the skyrocketing growth of the search... more...
 Course Fee: $1,995  
25511 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Search Engine Optimization 
Much like our Search Engine Marketing program, this program was developed in direct response to the skyrocketing growth of the search engine industry and the continuing global... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25512 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Six Sigma Black Belt 
The Black Belt Training Program flow follows the DMAIC methodology. You'll learn the appropriate tools and concepts at each stage of project deployment. Since software will be... more...
 Course Fee: $2,695  
25121 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Six Sigma Green Belt 
The Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training Program provides you with an overview of the Six Sigma concepts and tools, including Six Sigma deployment practices, project development,... more...
 Course Fee: $1,895  
25122 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Start Import/Export Business 
In today's economy, an import/export business could be your ideal choice for a small business. A small company can profitably sell abroad what it markets, and goods imported from... more...
 Course Fee: $139  
25967 2/9-4/4 Online CourseStaff

Technical Writing 
The Technical Writing Online Training Program is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their technical writing abilities to a professional level. You'll learn research... more...
 Course Fee: $1,595  
25123 Flexible ScheduleTBAStaff

Video Game Design & Development 
With this unparalleled comprehensive training program, you’ll master skills that open doors to the growing video game industry. Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25513 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

Virtual Assistant Business 
Designed for students who want to run their own virtual assistant business from home, learn to provide administrative support services to other companies over the Internet. A... more...
 Course Fee: $139  
25968 2/9-4/4 Online CourseW. Flood

Web Applications Developer 
In this program, you’ll use multiple tools and technologies to develop state-of-the-art web applications. The program is broken into 10 modules, designed to teach you all the... more...
 Course Fee: $2,495  
25514 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff

These days, just about every company, institution, and organization wants to have a presence on the Internet. Webmasters design, develop, and maintain these highly visible... more...
 Course Fee: $2,095  
25515 Flexible ScheduleOnline CourseStaff